I was rather reserved in hiring a cleaning company to handle my house while I was at work. But, somehow, Cleaning CC has managed to convince my with their safety policy and great background screening of their employees. Now, I can hardly wait to come home after they’ve been there: the whole place smells so fresh and all the difficult stains from my kitchen sink are gone! And I can totally trust their green cleaning to be safe for my dog and for my two little kids!Helen C.
Really nice workers and highly-professional! Couldn’t be more pleased! I will definitely work with them next time, too!Laura S.
Our commercial location is highly important for us in developing solid business relationships. We wouldn’t trust anybody except Cleaning CC with the job of maintaining its great appearance and extra-clean state. We are very picky and pretentious and their staff was the only one that convinced us with their knowledge, experience and suitable procedures. The fact that they are fully bonded and licensed was an important factor when we decided to sign for a yearly subscription with them!Jerry B. , American Kidz Academy
My office has never looked better or smelled nicer! Thanks Cleaning CC for making my workspace so enjoyable!Michael P. Intergroup Realty
I called Cleaning CC after hosting a big family Thanksgiving dinner at my place and found several spots of red wine on my beige carpet. They were very prompt in attending me and not only did they remove the stains completely, but they even freshened up the whole carpet, making its color more vivid! It almost looks like new know! I was really impressed with their techniques and expertise! Thinking of hiring them on a regular basis, not just in emergency cases!Jennifer M.
My kids make my carpets their playing field and cause regular mess on them. I can relax knowing that nothing is impossible for Cleaning CC and their extraordinary workers! Great to have you in my house, guys!Julia B.
I hired Cleaning CC for a one-time purpose just after I finished adding that one extra bathroom to my home. They booked me up for an appointment really quick and did a fabulous job! I was impressed to see how friendly and open the staff was and how they managed to remove all residues stains and spots in such a short while. They even polished and deodorized the area before leaving! Will definitely go to them again for further cleaning tasks!Chris A.
When I finished renovating the new house we just bought I was dead tired. I can’t imagine what I would have done without Cleaning CC before moving in. Their services made the place impeccable!Linda C.
I hired Cleaning CC before selling my old parent’s house and I think I managed to do get such a good price for it partially because of their performance, too. The place looked fantastic when they left. It was shiny, bright and spotless. All the windows were cleaned and the floors were perfectly waxed. I was almost feeling sorry for selling the house when I saw it so wonderfully cleaned up. Great job!Charles N.
As an agent, I recommend Cleaning CC to all my clients before they hire me to sell their homes. The difference they make is huge! No dust, spots or dirt is left in my way to sealing a successful contract!William W. Quality Management
My 5 year old son wanted face painting at his birthday party. I wasn’t expected to see my couch painted as well, tough. I was convinced that is ruined for good when a neighbor told me about Cleaning CC and their great results in removing difficult stains. I was really impressed to see that all the stains were gone in such a short time and that my couch was back to its good-looking phase. I don’t what they did, but I will have them do that again, that’s for sure!Betty D.
As a dog lover, I periodically face mud, dirt and other residues on my sofa and armchairs from the living room. Instead of getting mad on my puppy, I just call Cleaning CC and have them sort the issue out. Until now, they never failed! So tremendously satisfied with them!Mark K.
Before moving in with my husband in the new home we bought, we called Cleaning CC for a complete service. They erased and eliminated all that dust packs in the living room and all traces of mold in the attic. They even waxed my wooden floors and polished my bathroom mirrors! I was incredibly happy to have such a fresh start in our new home!Susan M.
I booked Cleaning CC’s special Move out package and was really relaxed when my landlord came to inspect the place and return my deposit. The place looked even better than when I first moved in! Thanks Cleaning CC for an extraordinary job!Joshua S.
I tried cleaning my house on a weekly routine, but failed due to lack of time. Cleaning CC has saved me from going through this task every week and has given me more free time to spend with my friends. Their attention to details is what I appreciate most about their workers. Not a single kitchen spot or carpet stain remains unsolved when I request their fantastic services! I can’t imagine going back to cleaning the house all by myself!Emma L.
When I started searching for a cleaning company, I asked other friends that owned their own businesses for recommendations. Several of them have mentioned Cleaning CC for their outstanding customer care. I thought of trying them out at least once. Now, after seeing the amazing job they have done and benefiting from their great services, I will hire them again on a regular basis!John A. Twin Arch Inc
Best cleaning company I have ever tried! They were flexible according to my schedule and left my home as new as it was when I first moved in! Totally exceeded my expectations!Matthew N.
When I need my house cleaned, I always call Chicago Clean Home. They do a really good job cleaning and it is better than I could have done myself. I was really happy with their service and the special treatment they provided. I want things a certain way and they were happy to listen and clean things how I like them. I was really impressed with how clean my whole house was. They don't just move things around. They really clean every surface and those hard to reach areas. One of the best things about them is that they use safe cleaners that are healthier for you. This really appealed to me and was one of the main reasons I choose them. I hate that chemical smell after you clean and there was none of that after they left. My house was fresh smelling and every area was picked up and scrubbed. I was thrilled about how good of a job they did as I was having guests over the next day and I wanted my house to look its best. I wasn't disappointed as it was neat and tidy. It almost looked like new it was so clean! I would recommend that anyone hire Chicago Clean Home to clean their home. You won't be disappointed.

Dana J on 11/29/2016 on YelpDana J
I was impressed with Chicago Clean Home's commitment to not only detail-oriented cleaning but instilling a healthier and safer atmosphere for my family and me. Their "green clean" approach plus quality work minimized stress and allowed more time for simply enjoying "home". I look forward to the next clean!

Meaghan Lee 11/28/2019 on Google PlacesMeaghan Lee
Their customer service was really kind and friendly. They were very accommodating and flexible and willing to work with me on every level. I appreciate them for doing the job on the day expected. They did an outstanding job, so I'll definitely call them next time.

Muriel Mc Nair , August 25th , on FacebookMuriel McNair
Extremely well. I had lots of construction performed in my home and needed a very deep cleaning. Chris and team arrived on time and spent two days cleaning the home. His staff is very friendly, kind, detail-oriented and experienced. They also provide high quality cleaning supplies which is a bonus. Will definitely continue to use this service on a weekly basis!

Maytal Galili 09/15/2016 on Angie's ListMaytal Galili