Cleaning Services


At Home
Pasta nights and wine tastings are great for our social lives, not necessarily for the longevity of our furniture. One slip or slosh can quickly spoil crisp, bright upholstery and the mood.
Before impulsively dousing, scrubbing, or covering the stain, call Chicago Clean Home. We do more than just bleach the color. We analyze the stain’s nature and upholstery material. Then we use state-of-the-art equipment to clean deeply, remove odors and eliminate germs. This holistic approach targets both your health and furniture preservation.
At the Office
When you run a business, your office appearance represents your company. Maintaining a clean and polished space plus furniture upkeep requires professionals.
Accidents happen. Coffee escapes cups. “Once new” pieces lose their luster. Forgo costly furniture replacements and unnecessary hassle with our help. After assessing your furniture’s material, we pick the appropriate solution: water based, solvent based, etc, and avoid spreading stains across a larger area.
Ensure the working environment you offer to clients and employees is healthy, clean and fresh with your number one ally, Chicago Clean Home.