Cleaning Services

Post Construction / Renovation

Moving into a freshly finished house or recently renovated office can only be dampened by one thing: mess.
This is why we offer you a complete range of services for home or office, from kitchen scrubbing and bedroom dusting to living room vacuuming and window treating. Say goodbye to lingering trash, odor and germs and hello to your new (and eco-friendly cleaned) residence. 
Need more specifics? Construction equals dust which translates to unhappy clients. Besides removing all construction signs, we erase window fingerprints, polish all surfaces, sterilize the area, vacuum, wipe and clean every inch. We match surfaces with the right tools to protect your newly built space.
Once the initial cleaning is done, we perform a final inspection to ensure every spot is spotless and all health standards are met. Upholding our green cleaning and sustainable practices philosophy, we use only approved and earth-friendly solutions and products–guaranteed to eliminate toxic trails.
As a business that serves other businesses, we truly understand that time is money. Bottom line–be amazed by your property, not overwhelmed by post construction leftovers. Return to your routine as quickly as possible while still benefiting from quality and health-driven cleaning.