Cleaning Services

House Cleaning

Life is too short to spend cleaning. Retreat for some quality time, and leave your house in our qualified hands. We’ll make it sparkle.
Our staff resists surface cleaning. Instead, we cling to the gritty details that help maintain a healthier residence for your family to occupy. Our mission is to clean for health across the board, from the residential to commercial side of the spectrum.
To accomplish this aim, we uphold our vision of green cleaning, promoting sustainable practices at affordable prices. We use only biodegradable products that are environmentally friendly and refrain from jeopardizing your health. Certain cleaning products release harmful chemicals into your house which triggers a cycle of environmental pollution. Not only do those products affect your living space, they contaminate our planet.
That’s why we take extra precautions.
●  We ensure our cleaning technologies and solutions are certified and approved by Green Seal, Eco Logo, and other environmentally friendly organizations.
●  We use microfiber cloths to remove and retain dirt, rather than spreading it to other surfaces.
●  We also invest in innovative and specialized equipment like our HEPA quality vacuums, which reduce dust diffusion by 99.9%!
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