Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning & Spotting

Before attempting “do-it-yourself (DIY)” carpet cleaning, think twice.
Carpets are sensitive surfaces and require proper expertise and professional solutions. One wrong product or tool will send you shopping for a new rug. Skip inefficient rubbing and scrubbing, and spare your carpet’s fibers. Save yourself time and money too by leaving spot analysis, product selection, and careful cleaning to us.
To restore your carpets to their ideal condition, our experienced team first detects the material of your carpet–wool, synthetic, etc. Next, we pair with the right solutions. Before any procedures, we remove trails of solids from the affected surface. Then, our absorbent paper and industrial wet-vacuums soak up any liquids. Finally, we blot the stain, and prevent secondary damages that can occur from spreading.
Neglected juice boxes, chocolatey indulgences, and painting outside the lines are no match for Chicago Clean Home’s residential carpet services. Any spills, stains or blemishes will be handled skillfully and safely with green solutions and without harmful side effects.
Commercial carpet cleaning (for your office or business location) methods are similar to residential. Maintaining our “cleaning for health” business philosophy, we carefully remove any allergens or parasites that hide between carpet fibers, utilizing the first-rate expertise, gear and solutions. You and your staff’s well-being ranks high on our list, which is why we instill green cleaning in work spaces as well as homes.
Let us transform your carpet into a source of freshness, professionalism, and staying power.